Gonzalo Escobar Mora & Emma Rozanski to exhibit at No Nation, Chicago - Sat 28th Sep

Our Emma Rozanski and Gonzalo Escobar Mora will have an exhibition of their short films and video art at The No Nation Gallery and Unspace Lab in Wicker Park, Chicago, Saturday 28th September 2019 from 6:44pm. They will be screening a selection of short film and some video art works, which will also be accompanied on the night by performances by local artists.



Pilar Palomero's short essay film HORTA in Seoul International New Media Festival - 서울국제뉴미디어페스티벌.

This month, Pilar Palomero’s short essay film, HORTA, screens en el Seoul International New Media Festival - 서울국제뉴미디어페스티벌.

일정 2019년8월20일(화) 12:20 롯데시네마 홍대입구 2관 | 인터파크 예매하기


오르타는 자기 자신 속 시간의 경과를 실험하고, 상실감을 솔직하게 표현한 영화이다.

Horta is the experimentation of the passage of time in oneself and the honest expression of a loss.

Festival Website and details: http://www.nemaf.net/shop_goods/goods_list.htm?category=0B080000

Levan Lomjaria's new short film to screen at BIAFF

Levan Lomjaria’s short film ‘You Look Like Your Father’ has been selected for the “Alternative Wave” section at the 2019 Batumi International Arthouse Film Festival in Georgia.

Festival Website: http://www.biaff.org/

Selected projects for Alternative Wave 2019 edition.

1. Aquarium – director and producer Tornike Bziava.
2. Tamada – director Temur Tsiklauri, producer Irakli Bagaturia.
3. Burden -director and producer Ana Iosava, co – writer Otar Katamadze.
4. You Look Like Your Father - director Levan Lomjaria, producer Vako Kirkitadze.
5. Orange Sky – director and producer Shalva Shengeli, co-writer Alexander Kurkhuli.
6. Family Drama with The Happy End – director and producer Irina Gachechiladze.
7. Seraphyma – director Marisia Nikituk, producer Igor Savichenko.
8. Affection of The Heart – director Soner Caner, producer Bilal Bagci.

Workshop will be followed by public pitch for industry representatives and jury, where best projects will be awarded:
I place – In kind post-production services for 10.000 euros.
II place – selection to „Meeting on the Bridge” program.
III place – attendance to Berlin International Film Festival (accreditation, travel, accommodation).

Experts: Nicos Panayotopoulos (Greece), Paul Tayler (Great Britain), Gulin Ustun (Turkey), Aysegul Ekmekcioglu (Turkey), Gela Babluani (Georgia).

ალტერნატიული ტალღა 2019 წლის გამოშვებისათვის შეირჩა შემდეგი პროექტები:

1. „აკვარიუმი“ - რეჟისორი და პროდიუსერი თორნიკე ბზიავა (საქართველო).
2. „თამადა“ - რეჟისორი თემურ წიკლაური, პროდიუსერი ირაკლი ბაღათურია (საქართველო).
3. „ტვირთი“ - რეჟისორი და პროდიუსერი ანა იოსავა, თანასცენარისტი ოთარ ქათამაძე (საქართველო).
4. „შენ გავხარ მამას“ - რეჟისორი ლევან ლომჯარია, პროდიუსერი ვაკო კირკიტაძე (საქართველო).
5. „ნარინჯისფერი ცა“ - რეჟისორი და პროდიუსერი შალვა შენგელი, თანასცენარისტი ალექსანდრე ქურხული (საქართველო).
6. „ოჯახური დრამა კეთილი დასასრულით“ - რეჟისორი და პროდიუსერი ირინა გაჩეჩილაძე (საქართველო).
7. სერაფიმა - რეჟისორი მარისია ნიკიტიუკი, პროდიუსერი იგორ სავიჩენკო (უკრაინა).
8. „გულის კარნახი“ - რეჟისორი სონერ კანერი, პროდიუსერი ბილალ ბაგჩი (თურქეთი).

ექსპერტები: ნიკოს პანაიოტოპოლოსი (საბერძნეთი), პოლ ტაილერი (დიდი ბრიტანეთი), გულინ უსტუნი (თურქეთი), აისეგულ ეკმეკჩიოგლუ (თურქეთი), გელა ბაბლუანი (საქართველო).

“ალტერნატიული ტალღა” 2019-ის დასასრულს, კინოინდუსტრიის წარმომადგენლებისთვის გამართულ პრეზენტაციაზე გამოვლინდება საუკეთესო პროექტები რომლებსაც გადაეცემათ პრიზები:
I ადგილი - 10.000 ევროს ღირებულების პოსტ-პროდუქციის სერვისი.
II ადგილი - პროექტის სელექცია „Meeting on the Bridge” პროგრამაში.
III ადგილი - ბერლინის საერთაშორისო კინოფესტივალზე დასწრება (აკრედიტაცია, ავიაბილეთები, სასტუმრო).

Labocine - Science/Art Digital Magazine

Emma Rozanski’s 2-channel video installation ‘A New Kind of Ray’ is screening in the May issue of LABOCINE, titled: Body Images. You can watch the film throughout May, along with other science/art films from around the globe.

Link to the video: https://www.labocine.com/film/2219

Link to the current issue as a whole: https://www.labocine.com/film/2219

About the Issue: Our skin is a complex organ. It is a membrane, a thin dividing surface between our bodies and all that lies within us and the exterior world without, a protective container for the fluid memory of the seas we carry within us. It is also a direct interface between the two: it conveys tactile information to our nervous systems and identifying information to others around us. Thus it both partitions and connects. Though the skin is undeniably of vital importance, the ways in which it is important shift with social changes: the meanings attached to skin and physical attributes are not fixed. And where lies identity, then, within or on our surfaces? In the brain, the consciousness, or even the microbiome? The films in this issue seek out identity and body as they move back and forth across the barrier of the skin, from our sun-buffering melanocytes to our particular neurochemistries, visiting in the process the many other meanings invested in our bodies: desire and reproduction, health and disease, life and death, yoga class and beach.

About Labocine: Labocine is an Imagine Science Films initiative to extend film programming to a broader and more diverse audience. They have over 1,500 film titles from 200 countries for all ages brought to you by artists, scientists, filmmakers and educators.

Two Bistrik7 collective films in IndieLisboa International Film Festival 2019

The Bistrik7 collective has two films in IndieLisboa International Film Festival this year: Manel Raga Raga's Grbavica & The Curse of the Phantom Tympanum from Graeme Cole and Aleksandra Niemczyk.

See you in Lisbon!

Progamme here: https://indielisboa.com/en/2019-edition/films/

'A new kind of ray' to screens in the No Flash Video Show

Emma Rozanski’s video installation ‘A New Kind of Ray’ will screen at the No Flash Video Show - MAY 3-4 - New Jersey - FREE EVENT

Dedicated to showcasing ambitious new works by emerging filmmakers and time-based artists, NOFLASH 2019 will feature 29 works from 11 countries, in three avant-garde short film programs – Corporeal Considerations, Autobios & Animations, and Pensive Portraiture – as well as a popup video art exhibition, and a reception with performances. Reserve your free tickets and learn more at NOFLASHvideo.org. Sponsored by the Rutgers Filmmaking Center and the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University.

This video installation was originally created during Rozanski’s artist residency at Chicago’s International Museum of Surgical Science and exhibited there in her solo exhibition in November 2018. It features narration by Darryl Foster.

Uncommon Cinema - screening this weekend - Rozanski's short film 'The Storymaker'

No Festival Required - Emma Rozanski’s short film THE STORYMAKER screens on Sunday March 17th, 2019

A collection of short films screening this weekend at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, UK

Selected Shorts 2019

Curated By Steve Weiss

Sunday March 17, 2019 1 pm (doors at 12:30)




Box Office: 480-499-8587


Local, national and international filmmakers contribute their work to No Festival Required’s traditionally un-traditional selection of experimental art, animation, documentary and social justice short subjects. Subject matters include a Vietnam-era fear campaign, desert farming, a wanted haircut, judo empowerment for the blind, a writer’s night fears and PARADE-The Absolute End Of The World, a 14 minute and almost eight year animation project by the recently passed Arizona artist and ASU graduate Steve Gompf.

Escobar-Mora's short film, Pool version, now available on Retina Latina Online Platform

#CelebraElCineLatino Hoy estrenamos el corto Pool Version de Gonzalo Escobar Mora. Con esta película inauguramos un especial con una muestra de obras latinoamericanas que fueron producidas en la escuela del director húngaro Béla Tarr en el marco de su proyecto académico film.factory de la Sarajevo Film Academy.

View the film / 💥Vean la película aquí https://www.retinalatina.org/video/pool-version/

Read a Review of the film / 💥Lean la reseña de Pool version aquí https://www.retinalatina.org/pool-version-gonzalo-escobar-…/

Screening in Sharjah of Emma Rozanski's short, PANGAEA (cinematography by Marta HErnaiz Pidal)

This week, Emma Rozanski’s short film PANGAEA, screens as part of the Sharjah Film Platform (SFP), a week of live film screenings, talks and workshops held by the Sharjah Art Foundation. Our Marta Hernaiz Pidal was the cinematographer on the film and it was shot in Sarajevo on location among the striking brutalist architecture of Sarajevo’s main TV station.

Festival website and programme: http://sharjahart.org/sharjah-art-foundation/programme/sharjah-film-platform

More screenings of Marta Hernaiz-Pidal's DOBRO

Marta Hernaiz-Pidal's short film DOBRO had its USA premiere at New York Film Festival in October as part of the Emerging Filmmakers Showcase, this narrative program features seven unique films from seven countries in six different languages.

DOBRO is also part of the official competition at Film Femmes Mediterranean in MARSEILLE http://www.films-femmes-med.org/

And is in oficial selection of Festival du Court Métrage Méditerranéen: http://www.ccm.ma/14fcmmt/programtg4.html