Moving_Image_00:06 Chicago screens Rozanski's 'A New Kind of Ray'

Moving_Image_00:06 will be hosted by Dfbrl8r on October 27th. Doors open at 6.30pm.

@moving_image_0000 is happy to announce the participating artists for our sixth screening, guest curated by @photoandkioto alongside Directors @santina_amato and @skskaggs
Emma Rozanski
Caitlin Ryan
Ally Fouts
Lisa Barcy
L Koo
Morgan Green
Pamela Hadley
Lia Call and Harvey Hayes
@girldick69 @goodboy.baddog
Marina Resende Santos
Kandis Friesen
Moving_Image_00:06 screens on October 27th at @dfbrl8r

About Kioto (Moving_Image_00:06 Guest Curator):
Kioto Aoki is a visual artist whose practice includes photography, film, books and installations to explore different modes of perception. Using the nuances of time, space, form, light and motion, engage the material specificity of the analogue image and image-making process.

About Dfbrl8r Gallery (Moving_Image_00:06 Hosting Organization):
DFBRL8R [also known as. Defibrillator Gallery or dfb] was formed in 2010 as a platform for Performance Art. Contextualizing performance within the realm of visual art, DFBRL8R embraces those who look to the body in concert and conversation with time, space, object, nature, architecture, or society.

About Santina (Founder & Director):
Santina Amato is an Australian born multi-disciplinary artist, receiving an MFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago in 2017. Her video works have been screened at ExFest Film & Video Festival, Chicago, Brooklyn Public TV, New York, Hatched Northside Film Festival, New York and The International Women’s Day Video Screening, Australia. She is currently working on an ongoing portrait photographic and video series supported by the 2019 DCASE IAP Grant.

About Sarah (Co-Director): Sarah Kathryn Skaggs is an independent administrator, organizer, and curator in Chicago. Currently overseeing program development for Chicago-based performance collective Every house has a door and assisting with the forthcoming Goat Island Archive Exhibitions in Spring of 2019 at the Chicago Cultural Center. She completed her MA Arts Administration and Policy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2016 and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Missouri with BA in Art History and an BS in Business Administration (2007).
About Moving_Image_00:00

Since it's launch in the Fall of 2016, Moving_Image_00:00 has presented the moving image works of 62 artists and five collaborative teams, showcasing works by Chicago-based artists through an open call. Moving_Image_00:00 is hosted at various galleries across Chicago and is a biannual festival that defines itself as a festival of all forms of the moving image, unique to that of a film festival. From digital and hand drawn animation to polished short films, gifs to experimental performance for video, Moving_Image_00:00's mission is to celebrate and create public screening opportunities for local artists.

Experimental film 'Sutures of a Landscape' selected for Bali International Short Film Festival

Emma Rozanski’s single-channel video art film ‘Sutures of a Landscape’ will screen in the experimental section of MINIKINO FILM WEEK - Bali’s International Short Film Festival - 5th to 12th October 2019

The film - a handmade landscape of wildlife observed from dusk to dawn - was made during her artist residency at Chicago’s International Museum of Surgical Science, using shadow puppets created from antique surgical tools and apothecary objects from the Museum’s collection - the soundscape was also using these same objects.

Festival website:


·         OMAH APIK, Monday 7/10, at 19:15:00 WITA / GMT +8

·         UMA SEMINYAK, Tuesday 8/10, at 18:30:00 WITA / GMT +8

Levan Lomjaria's new short film to screen at BIAFF

Levan Lomjaria’s short film ‘You Look Like Your Father’ has been selected for the “Alternative Wave” section at the 2019 Batumi International Arthouse Film Festival in Georgia.

Festival Website:

Selected projects for Alternative Wave 2019 edition.

1. Aquarium – director and producer Tornike Bziava.
2. Tamada – director Temur Tsiklauri, producer Irakli Bagaturia.
3. Burden -director and producer Ana Iosava, co – writer Otar Katamadze.
4. You Look Like Your Father - director Levan Lomjaria, producer Vako Kirkitadze.
5. Orange Sky – director and producer Shalva Shengeli, co-writer Alexander Kurkhuli.
6. Family Drama with The Happy End – director and producer Irina Gachechiladze.
7. Seraphyma – director Marisia Nikituk, producer Igor Savichenko.
8. Affection of The Heart – director Soner Caner, producer Bilal Bagci.

Workshop will be followed by public pitch for industry representatives and jury, where best projects will be awarded:
I place – In kind post-production services for 10.000 euros.
II place – selection to „Meeting on the Bridge” program.
III place – attendance to Berlin International Film Festival (accreditation, travel, accommodation).

Experts: Nicos Panayotopoulos (Greece), Paul Tayler (Great Britain), Gulin Ustun (Turkey), Aysegul Ekmekcioglu (Turkey), Gela Babluani (Georgia).

ალტერნატიული ტალღა 2019 წლის გამოშვებისათვის შეირჩა შემდეგი პროექტები:

1. „აკვარიუმი“ - რეჟისორი და პროდიუსერი თორნიკე ბზიავა (საქართველო).
2. „თამადა“ - რეჟისორი თემურ წიკლაური, პროდიუსერი ირაკლი ბაღათურია (საქართველო).
3. „ტვირთი“ - რეჟისორი და პროდიუსერი ანა იოსავა, თანასცენარისტი ოთარ ქათამაძე (საქართველო).
4. „შენ გავხარ მამას“ - რეჟისორი ლევან ლომჯარია, პროდიუსერი ვაკო კირკიტაძე (საქართველო).
5. „ნარინჯისფერი ცა“ - რეჟისორი და პროდიუსერი შალვა შენგელი, თანასცენარისტი ალექსანდრე ქურხული (საქართველო).
6. „ოჯახური დრამა კეთილი დასასრულით“ - რეჟისორი და პროდიუსერი ირინა გაჩეჩილაძე (საქართველო).
7. სერაფიმა - რეჟისორი მარისია ნიკიტიუკი, პროდიუსერი იგორ სავიჩენკო (უკრაინა).
8. „გულის კარნახი“ - რეჟისორი სონერ კანერი, პროდიუსერი ბილალ ბაგჩი (თურქეთი).

ექსპერტები: ნიკოს პანაიოტოპოლოსი (საბერძნეთი), პოლ ტაილერი (დიდი ბრიტანეთი), გულინ უსტუნი (თურქეთი), აისეგულ ეკმეკჩიოგლუ (თურქეთი), გელა ბაბლუანი (საქართველო).

“ალტერნატიული ტალღა” 2019-ის დასასრულს, კინოინდუსტრიის წარმომადგენლებისთვის გამართულ პრეზენტაციაზე გამოვლინდება საუკეთესო პროექტები რომლებსაც გადაეცემათ პრიზები:
I ადგილი - 10.000 ევროს ღირებულების პოსტ-პროდუქციის სერვისი.
II ადგილი - პროექტის სელექცია „Meeting on the Bridge” პროგრამაში.
III ადგილი - ბერლინის საერთაშორისო კინოფესტივალზე დასწრება (აკრედიტაცია, ავიაბილეთები, სასტუმრო).



The BHFF / Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival is proud to present a Q&A with Marta Hernaiz Pidal as part of the sixteenth annual festival! On Thursday, April 11, Hernaiz Pidal joins us following the 8:45pm screening of her film The Chaotic Life of Nada Kadić, a moving drama that seamlessly blurs fiction and documentary in chronicling the life of a single mother whose young child is diagnosed with autism. See the trailer here!

Marta Hernaiz Pidal is a Mexican filmmaker with a degree in film and television, and a master’s degree in fine arts with a specialty in film direction obtained at the film.factory school in Sarajevo, which was founded by the renowned Hungarian director Béla Tarr. In 2016, her short film Dobro was part of the official selection of Cannes Film Festival in the Cinefondátion section. Her first feature film, The Chaotic Life of Nada Kadić saw its world premiere at the Berlinale Forum 2018.

Tickets to The Chaotic Life of Nada Kadić and Q&A with Hernaiz Pidal are on sale now!…

In Hernaiz Pidal’s The Chaotic Life of Nada Kadić, Nada is a dedicated single mother, disaffected with her tumultuous domestic life yet unable to piece together a plan to change it. After Nada finds out her daughter is on the autistic spectrum, together they embark on a journey through the Balkans in search of peace with the past, and acceptance of new realities. On their long drive through the foggy, rainy countryside, and away from the chaos of home, perhaps they can form new bonds, and learn new ways to communicate with one another. The BHFF invites you to join us for this special presentation and Q&A with Hernaiz Pidal on Thursday, April 11, at 8:45pm!

Bianca Lucas presented a screening of her work in New Orleans

Bianca Lucas presented a screening of her work in New Orleans on Sunday 31 March 2019. This was a chance to catch up with her oldest, newest and prospective work and, within that context, talk about ghosts with an attending Cajun healer.

Berlinale Premieres for films by Marta Hernaiz Pidal and Andre Gil Mata

Congratulations to our Bistrik7 colleagues Marta Hernaiz Pidal and André Gil Mata ! Both are premiering feature films at Berlinale this year, along with our teacher Guy Maddin. Viva la família de Sarajevo and Bistrik7! 
Here is the Press Release from The Berlinale:…/pres…/alle/Alle-Detail_41108.html