gifts for you - Bistrik7 'Video Xmas Cards' 2017

Bistrik 7 NEWS – December 2017

An omnibus of festive video gifts:

This is a link to a small video collection of short films made as festive season gifts to each other and to our extended film.factory family. Our collective, Bistrik7, is our way to connect, to keep in touch with each other, to share and collaborate on projects and plans big and small for years to come. This year we wanted to make some videos for each other - our way of saying ‘hi’ and keeping the love and spirit of Bistrik7 alive.

In Sarajevo during our time at film.factory, we were often asked to make micro films and exercises within a week or less using only our mobile phones or small consumer cameras. As a collective we want to continue this tradition, to practice spontaneous cinema and to share glimpses of our current lives with each other - and with Béla Tarr and Sunčica Fradelić, whose film.factory programme brought us all together as a family, and who are also part of our family.

Everyone who made a video for this collection was given a festive song as inspiration. As is usually the case with our filmmaking, we all ignored the rules. Perhaps somewhere in the films you will find a tenuous link to the songs, perhaps not. In any case, in the description for each video we have listed the given tune and a link to a playlist. If you so desire, follow the link, press play on the video and music playlist, and create your own strange mixtape of warped experimental xmas video festivity.

Enjoy our end of year feelings. Happy end of year to you all and here’s to a glorious 2018! 


About Bistrik 7:

Twenty international filmmakers making progressive work alone and together.

United by our experience as the first generation at Béla Tarr’s film.factory in Sarajevo, our work shares a spirit of humanism and humility even as it manifests through disparate forms and unique new voices.

Disrupting established forms of narrative, documentary, and essay film, our movies operate at the forefront of the development of new cinematic languages.

Our independent ethos is strengthened by meaningful co-operation, philosophical interrogation, and full-blooded celebration of the cinema we love: a liberated cinema, visceral, responsive, curious, crafted.

BISTRIK7 is the address of Tito’s assembly building in Sarajevo, which later became the headquarters of film.factory. The former parliamentary auditorium was adapted into a makeshift cinema where we watched and debated countless movies together.


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twitter - @Bistrik7

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