Marta HERNAIZ Pidal


  “Turning everything upside down.”

 Born in México D.F.  After graduating from Centro de Diseño Cine y Televisión in 2011. She  co-produced and made the cinematography of the feature films   “La Asunción de José” directed by the Colombian director Juan Rocha and “Danish Film,” directed by Jorge Bolado.  Currently Marta is editing her first feature film as     a director “ The chaotic life of Nada” made in Bosnia and Montenegro, after graduating from her masters degree at film.factory.


The Chaotic Life of Nada Kadic  [Feature Film/ Completed/Color/2018] - World Premiere Berlinale Forum 2018

Dobro [15"/Color/Stereo/2016] - World Premiere Cannes Cinefondation 2017 - Go to Site

The Empty Nest [30"/Color/Stereo/2015] - Watch Trailer

Pollito Chicken, Gallina Hen [18"/Color/Stereo/2012] - Watch Trailer