Levan lomjaria


(*1984) studied at Georgian University of Theatre and Film in Tbilisi (Georgia). Was enroled in 16mm filmmaking program of New York Film Academy (London). Graduated from masters degree program (MFA) at Sarajevo Film Academy/film.factory (BIH).

Since 2005, he has been working as a freelance film director and produced several short films, independent and no budjet experimental films, documentaries and visual installations, which were screened at the different international film festivals.

Currentley, he works at Georgian National Film Centre and developing his debut feuture film “The Seducer’s Diary”.


"Friends of Mine", Writer/Director 2003 Betacam 10 min.

"Dreams", Writer/ Director 2004 Betacam 10 min.

"ART - 0 ", Writer/Director DV 2006 16 min.

"Lake Paliastomi", Director/Producer 2007 DV 19 min.

"Los Capalelos", Director/Producer 2008 DV 42 min

"Ulisses", Writer/Director/Producer 2008 DV 180 min.

"Metaphysic of Artaud", Director 2009 DV 31 min

"Cinephile", Director/Actor 2012 HDV 11 min.

"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", Director/Producer 2014 HDV 10 min.

"Narcissus in My Bed", Director/Producer 2014 HDV 33 min.

"Le Grand Voyage", Writer/ Director/Producer 2014 HDV 26 min

"The Waste Land", Writer/Director/Producer/Actor 2015 HDV 31 min.