Graeme Cole


filmmaker | writer | artist | mistakeist | uk | 1979

Working mainly with Super 8 and other consumer formats, Mr Cole’s films take the language of narrative-based genre movies and infect them with an absurdist sensibility. Meta-narratives and open-source laboratory work expand and re-categorize the parameters of his cardboard and fog universe.

In September 2013, Mr Cole became the first UK filmmaker to participate on the MFA program at Béla Tarr's film.factory. In 2016, Mr Cole completed an artist residency at Kino Klub Split, supported by Arts Council England, where he established an itinerant absurdist filmmaking academy: Unfound Peoples Videotechnic. In 2017, he was EMAP#EMARE artist-in-residence at Bandits-Mages, Bourges, also supported by Arts Council England.

His first artist’s book, The Curse of the Phantom Tympanum, was published as a temporally-limited edition to coincide with a solo exhibition in Bourges, November 2018.



Murmurs (2019) [72"/Colour/Stereo] - Info

The Curse of the Phantom Tympanum (2018) [28”/Colourized+b&w/Stereo] - Trailer

Amateri (2017) [20"/Colour/Stereo] - Trailer

Epizoda ? (2016) [38"/Colour/Stereo] - Trailer

A Flea Orchestra In Your Ear (2012) {15"/Colour/Stereo] - Trailer

It's Nick's Birthday (2009) [35"/Colour/Stereo] - Trailer

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