Emma rozanski


Emma Rozanski - filmmaker & moving-image artist

Emma is a British-Australian writer, director and multi-media artist based between London, Chicago and Bogota. Emma's debut feature PAPAGAJKA premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in 2016, before going on to a successful global festival run. She is an alumnus of the Berlinale Talents, the Berlinale Short Film Station and the Reykjavík Talent Lab. Currently, Emma is developing her narrative feature film and an ambitious long-form video art piece.

Emma was the summer/fall Artist in Residence at Chicago's International Museum of Surgical Science, culminating in a solo exhibition. She is currently a Chicago Artists Coalition FIELD/WORK Resident for 2018/2019


As a filmmaker, multimedia and installation artist, Emma creates work that defies genre expectations and is often considered experimental by conventional narrative standards. Her art work results in video, sound and other time-based and ephemeral forms with tactile physical objects for altered perspectives on texture and form utilization. Playful undertones of lateral thinking reveal a love for absurdism that also challenges traditional methods and platforms for moving image. Emma’s narrative film work tends towards character-based stories, with avant-garde structures based in cinema traditions, often using magic-realist elements. Fascinated by moral ambiguity and heightened-realism, her practice usually delves into these realms – creating worlds that symbolically externalize the inner-psychology of her characters. With a background in theater, Emma’s practice also plays with performing arts processes, to form stories that manifest organically through a ‘channeling’ process of character investigation and moving image creation.

FILMOGRAPHY / LINKS [full list of film and art work HERE]

1 MIN PROMO REEL [2015] - Watch

DRAMA REEL [2015] - Watch

PANGAEA [8"30/Color/Stereo/2015] - Go to Site

SCUFFLE [6"/Color/Stereo/2014] - Watch Trailer

CAMPERS [15"/Color/Stereo/2012] - Watch

THE STORYMAKER [12"/Color/Stereo/2009] - Watch

THE WHISPER STOP [8"30/Color/Stereo/2007] - Watch

PAPAGAJKA [82"/Color/5.1/2016] - Go to site

[Full list of screenings and exhibitions HERE]