Anton Petersen

The Faroe Islands


Anton Petersen (1985) has been making films since 2004. After studying directing in Copenhagen, Denmark and Prague, Czech Republic, he returned home to the Faroe Islands to make independent films along making film commercials.

The independent films, which often focus on relationship drama, caught the eye of Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr and Anton has subsequently been a DLA student in Tarr's newly founded film.factory, located in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina.

Anton is currently working on his first full length feature "A Film on how we Love"(Working title). A chamber piece set in a family home, in Tórshavn. 



The Day after(6'', 2004 Faroe Islands)

Intertwined(9'', 2008 Copenhagen)

Silent Light( 32'',Faroe Islands 2010)

Mother(12'', Prague 2011)

The Sandpit(8'', Prague 2012)

The Boy and the Egg(15'', Faroe Islands 2012)

Hallway(9'', film.factory 2013)

Balada (63'', Film.factory 2014).

A Film about how we Love(Preproduction)