Thrills in the hills! Love, tussling and deceit at dizzying altitudes!

In this newly reconstructed episode of lost adventure serial UNIVERSAL EAR, heroic ex-postman Harley Byrne travels back in time to 19th century Romania, to record the world’s first ever remotely delivered electronic music. But while recovering from a dramatic splash-landing, he finds himself falling head-over-heels for his host, the sultry inventress Nola Luna. Is she really all she seems? Will she let him record her electronic ‘Orchitron’? Or will Harley Byrne finally be thwarted in his ongoing mission: to record and make available for download all the world’s music, ever?

Written & directed by Graeme Cole.

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Starring Stewart Lockwood and Tuesday Betts

Cinematography by Graeme Cole

Music by Aidan Smith

Art director Elly Strigner

Sound designer Michael Cacioppo Belantara

Edited by Jonathan Addy